Monday, March 1, 2010

Fun Mileage Graphs

When we set out from the Mexican border on April 29th, I knew that we had to average 17 miles per day for the length of the trail. This was because of a wedding on October 3rd we wanted to attend on Staten Island, NY, and also I had to be back to work on October 6th. We had 156 days and not a day more to walk the entire length of the PCT.

Therefore, I had to stay very aware of the miles we were covering each day, keeping a running average in my head at all times. It was actually pretty fun for me, since well I love math, and it gave me something to think about when boredom would start to seep in. From the log that I kept, I made some fun nerdy graphs. Enjoy!

All those dips were zero days spent in towns... that wide gap near the end was our vacation on Cape Cod.

As you can see, we were quite a bit behind schedule after 2 months on the trail, but we pushed on, increased our daily mileage even as the days were getting shorter, and persevered by finishing in 155 days, 1 day ahead of schedule.