Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Back out on the Skyline Trail for section 2 of our SKT section hike!  It was a beautiful day - warm weather, blue skies with a few clouds mixed in and few people, why I love my Mondays off with Parker :-)

Today's section was from the Great Blue Hill Observatory (where we finished section 1) to Hillside St via the South Skyline Trail, and back via the North Skyline Trail.  NOTE: This is the only section that has 2 Skyline trails.

Quick selfie before we start today's section

"I wanna walk, I wanna walk, I wanna walk" I gave in eventually.

A rocky trail makes for a slow moving toddler

At the turnaround point.  Notice the sign for N Skyline and S Skyline

Per Parker's request, we had a picnic before heading back.  I felt like a giddy thru-hiker when I discovered the soda machine!

Parker showing me how to get back to our car

"We go this way, Daddy"

Up and down, up and down, this trail is a good workout with 35 lbs on your back!

Blue Blazes mark the Skyline Trail

Charly Dog wore herself out

Charlotte take a seflie
It was a great day!  Next up, Section 3… Hillside St to Randolph Ave.

Map: http://www.mappery.com/maps/Blue-Hills-Reservation-Trail-Map.mediumthumb.pdf.png