Monday, March 26, 2012

Diaper Dilemma

"Poop happens. It happens daily. Everyone does it (so goes the book) but babies are especially great at it." We obviously don't want to be carrying around days and days of crappy diapers during the hike, so the solution is... biodegradable diapers (for #2 only).

We are in the experimental stages of this, since we have 3 months until the hike. We do use cloth diapers a majority of the time (except at night), but we are able to throw them in the washing machine (after some hand cleaning and rinsing) every other day or so. On the Long Trail... obviously not possible. So again, biodegradable diapers are in our future. We found these the other day at our local City Feed grocer.

And the little gpants come in a good assortment of colors.  Parker will be happy about this.  Currently she has 2 pair - 1 in guppy green and 1 in great orange...

We'll have to predict when, ahem, Parker needs to empty her bowels, but over this past year, we've learned her habits ;)  Which reminds me, she turns ONE this Friday March 30!