Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Back out on the Skyline Trail for section 2 of our SKT section hike!  It was a beautiful day - warm weather, blue skies with a few clouds mixed in and few people, why I love my Mondays off with Parker :-)

Today's section was from the Great Blue Hill Observatory (where we finished section 1) to Hillside St via the South Skyline Trail, and back via the North Skyline Trail.  NOTE: This is the only section that has 2 Skyline trails.

Quick selfie before we start today's section

"I wanna walk, I wanna walk, I wanna walk" I gave in eventually.

A rocky trail makes for a slow moving toddler

At the turnaround point.  Notice the sign for N Skyline and S Skyline

Per Parker's request, we had a picnic before heading back.  I felt like a giddy thru-hiker when I discovered the soda machine!

Parker showing me how to get back to our car

"We go this way, Daddy"

Up and down, up and down, this trail is a good workout with 35 lbs on your back!

Blue Blazes mark the Skyline Trail

Charly Dog wore herself out

Charlotte take a seflie
It was a great day!  Next up, Section 3… Hillside St to Randolph Ave.

Map: http://www.mappery.com/maps/Blue-Hills-Reservation-Trail-Map.mediumthumb.pdf.png

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Skyline Trail section hike

It's warming up in Boston.  We miss being outside.  We hike.  To get exercise. To just "get outside".  To get out of the city, even if for a few hours.  It's what we do.  It's what I hope Parker does.  So Parker and I began our section hike of the Skyline Trail yesterday.  It's a short trail.  Only 9 miles end to end but hell it's a trail to thru-hike so we began it today.

We began our section hike on the west end of Blue Hills Reservation

Blue Blazes = Skyline Trail
Having a drink of giardia (hopefully not)

At the first turnaround.  Charly tired herself out already

Up up up to the top of Blue Hill after crossing 138

Snack break before heading back to the car

Because we only had 1 form of vehicular transportation, we basically had to hike all of today's section twice.  All in all we did about 1.5 miles.  Next time we will be bringing our bike!