Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Well this is it - last section!  Oh wait, OK so actually I decided to break this last section into two, because Parker is now hiking by herself (most of the time) and today we hiked 5 miles - plenty for a 4 year old in my opinion.  So here's our hike of the Skyline Trail section 4 between Randolph Avenue and Chickatawbut Road.  Warm weather and no rain = happy day.

Our hike in Blue Hills on the Skyline Trail

Parker waiting patiently while I get my backpack and Charly Dog situated

Across a little grassy area before heading into the woods - Parker is very skilled in following the blue blazes

Steep climb up to something Hill

Our one wildlife sighting.  Parker touched it.

Picnic in a shady nook

Cooling off our feet during lunch

Tired Charly Dog

Elevation profile

Monday, May 11, 2015


Back on the Skyline Trail today with Parker, to do section 3! (of a planned 4).  The little 4 year old walked a majority of it, though our "picnic" at the top of Buck Hill was cut short due to weather (wind and dropping temps).

Map, courtesy of Garmin Fenix2 and iPhone 4S

The walk begins

Hollow tree, great for saying hi to your daughter

I was initially nervous about my chosen footwear for Sparks, but she rocked the Tevas

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Almost to the top of Buck Hill

Charly, barking up the right tree

In the Poco for the return trip because it got cold and Daddy didn't prepare well - shame!

Our hike in elevation profile