Friday, May 1, 2009

Mexican Border to Mt. Laguna

Writing from the small town of Mt. Laguna, this is our first resupply stop, although we don't need to buy much. We, like many thru-hikers starting out, began with too much food. Better to have too much than too little, I suppose. The Trail has been great so far, maybe not what we expected due to the abundant flora and semi-mountainous terrain. I guess we were expecting more desert-like conditions, but after today's 2,000 foot climb, obviously we were wrong. I'm sure the desert awaits our arrival.

We spent the first 2 nights in canyons, Hauser and Fred, respectively, at very nice campsites. Both creeks were dried up, but water has not been a problem at all, as we have been filling up our bottles from campground spigots. We have seen less than 10 people since starting 2 1/2 days ago. A few section hikers, a trail runner, an equestrian and 3-4 thru-hikers, including Joey, a girl from Vancouver, B.C., who has shared our site with us for the last few nights and hiked with us part of the time, too.

Regarding animals, no scary sightings as of yet, (0 rattlesnakes) but numerous reptiles like skinks, horny toads and other lizards. Emily has taken to announcing "beetle" every time we pass over one on the trail, and I second it, making it a game. Beetle might just stick as her trail name, as I've been calling her that. We'll see, it's only been 3 days.

Other than a few blisters and mild muscle fatigue, all is well for us on the Trail. It finally set in, probably during our lunch break on the first day, that we are walking to Canada! And, we're happy as hell for it. So, it's time to finish my coke and chips and head north.

Chris (and Emily)


  1. hopefully someday you'll pick up this comment: I have serious respect for you guys as you make your way all the way across the west as I'm stuck on the couch trapped under my cat. I applaud you!! -kate

  2. Woohoo!!!! On the trail!!!! Congrats, guys. Love the 'do, Emo:)
    Hugs, Blakie

  3. Beetle!!!! Perfect. Beetle and what is it? Sun Dog?

  4. Glad the start has been uneventful. Our thoughts are with you as you head north. In a perverse way, even though I think you are both crazy, I'm kind of jealous!


  5. SO good to hear your voice today! I am so excited for you!