Friday, July 10, 2009

Bridgeport to Echo Lake

Awaking July 5th in our tent on Bob's front lawn not 15 feet from Main Street, Bridgeport, we packed up, grabbed some coffee, and piled in Bob's little car with fellow thru-hiker, Man Down, for the nauseating 45 minute ride back up Sonora Pass. There, at the trail head parking lot, we enjoyed fresh fruit, Frosted Flakes and donuts to begin Emily's birthday celebration. Once on the trail, I handed over my iPod, on which I had made a 50-song birthday mix for her. As she listened throughout the day, we slowly made miles and camped early after only putting in 14. Birthday dinner was a freeze-dried Mexican chicken and rice, red wine,quesadillas grilled directly atop my canister stove, chocolate pudding and a few rounds of Phase 10, a card game I got for her. Although she said she had a great birthday, she also said she wants to be nowhere near a trail next July 5th!

The next day was absolutely beautiful with blue, blue cloudless skies the entire day. We had our biggest day to date, at 25.7 miles, with an enjoyable lunch break on a windy saddle, and surprise trail magic at Ebbett's Pass. Cheeseburgers, hot dogs, fresh fruit, tostitos, cookies, cokes and Gatorade, all offered to us by a guy named Doug from a nearby town. Leaving there with full bellies we hiked on a little further than we had planned due to a lack of possible campsites, but found a spot on a spur ridge by headlamp and with the help of our friend,Willie, a thru-hiker Sox-fan from Walpole, Mass.

July 7th, our anniversary. Originally, we had hoped to celebrate in Lake Tahoe with a restaurant pasta dinner, but alas, we were still 36 miles away, so we spent it on the trail. It was another gorgeous day, and the miles were semi-easy, until after lunch, where 60 miles per hour winds pushed us around and treated us like rag dolls. We leaned into the wind though and made it almost 23 miles, camping in a secluded spot near the Truckee River. Dinner was the rest of the red wine, back country nachos (fritos, cheese, hot sauce), ramen, quesadillas again, and Peanut M&M's for dessert. Yum.

We awoke early the next morning, and walked the easy 13 miles to Echo Lake Resort, where we had mail awaiting our arrival. Thanks to everyone for the anniversary cards, birthday cards, and treats and goodies that we received. Of special note, I found out that I am going to be an uncle. Congratulations, Greg and Jenny!

We hitched into South Lake Tahoe and began a day and a half of the usual town ritual: eating, drinking, rest and resupply. Our first night was a Motel 6 and dinner at an awesome bar where the Red Sox - A's game was on. The next day we were treated by Ryan and Katie to massages and a night at a hotel casino across the border in Nevada. Thanks, Guys. We are now in our swanky room, enjoying some TV time after annihalating the buffet earlier. Back up to Echo Lake and on to the trail in the morning. Northbound again. - Sunfish

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