Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Women Behind the Curtain

If you were wondering how we kept our blog updated during the hike, we didn't!

A huge thank you to Liz Parker (Emily's mom) and Sally Bauernfeind (Chris' mom) for their amazing behind-the-scenes blog work during our hike.

Liz chillin' on Newcomb Hollow beach in Wellfleet.

We mailed handwritten notes on napkins and scraps of paper to Boston where Liz painstakingly transcribed our entries. Sometimes our handwriting wasn't so great. In fact, Chris got straight C's in handwriting throughout elementary school, and his was easier to read than Emily's! Needless to say it was a tough job. Sometimes she had to call on others to help decipher our scribbling. She even called REI at one point to inquire about "spracks." They rightfully informed her about "sporks," an eating utensil that's a combination of a spoon and a fork.

Sally with her granddaughter Elsie, all decked out in pink.

Uploading pictures, slideshows, and general blog maintenance, that was Sally's thing. Numerous times, she took phone calls in Kentucky from Chris... "Can you take off that picture of my disgusting foot? We've been getting complaints." Or "I don't like the way the site is so busy with all the slideshows." And "The pictures need to be rotated," etc., etc. She never complained, but just kept uploading the pictures from the cards I was sending her, and kept everything in order. She even fixed the SPOT page without my asking.

Our blog was a great way to keep our friends and families informed. Their efforts also left us with an indelible memento of our trip that we can cherish forever in cyberspace. Thanks so much to Liz and Sally! Not only were they computer whizzes, they were tremendous cheerleaders and a groovy support team.

-Sunfish & Beetle

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  1. very sneaky....was wondering how you were finding so much internet access in the wilderness. A big thanks to Sally for keeping us so entertained! -kate