Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Greetings from Kennedy Meadows!

Kennedy Meadows is a definite milestone, as it marks the end of southern California and the beginning of the High Sierra. The next 400 miles of the PCT will take us through some of the most remote and beautiful wilderness in the country. We will walk through 3 National Parks (Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Yosemite), and summit via the John Muir Trail the highest mountain in the contiguous United States: Mount Whitney.

Making it the 703 miles to Kennedy Meadows also means we've walked over 25% of the Trail! And that we have less than 2000 miles to go, which, depending on how you look at it, is either a milestone or daunting. Maybe both.

We arrived here with zero ailments, which we are extremely happy about, and have been in great spirits except for a few blue days. Although we're living the dream out here, we can't help but miss our friends and families, and the city summertime.

We're taking a few rest days here, and await the arrival of our Boston friends Sean & Carla, who are hiking with us from here to Mount Whitney. We can't wait.

We'll be northbound again Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.


PS A blog post for the miles between Tehachapi and Kennedy Meadows will be coming soon.


  1. take care of my roomie! and safe travels my friends :)

  2. ohhhh-that's sweet, chris. i miss you too :)
    i can't get enough of this blog, by the way. it's like a really good book-i can't wait to hear more!!
    be safe, guys

  3. have been eyeing chris's note on the REI break room wall for quite some time, but finally remembered the blog address and just read all your entries in one stint! good stuff! reminds me of my AT days in '04. keep up the hiking & writing! all the best. chris s.