Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 22nd - Day 55

"Chris' birthday eve and we're 8.5 miles from VVR (Vermillion Valley Resort). Who would've thought we'd be in this position just a couple days ago?! We did 22.8 miles today, up and over another pass. Selden Pass was far less hairy than previous - less snow and lower elevation at only 10,900 feet. But that still didn't prevent us from losing the trail across snow patches and losing our tempers. Chris is massively uncomfortable with passes and the helpless feelings that come when you're wandering in the wilderness looking for the PCT.

My weakness and fear is of stream fording. We had a couple of those today including two formiddable crossings: Evolution Creek and Bear Creek. We crossed Evolution during the morning after a nice declining trail. It was wide but shallow - and freezing when you're wearing only Crocs! We treated ourselves to tea in the sunshine afterwards.

Fast forward to this afternoon. After a long steady climb to the pass and a rocky snowy descent, we crossed Bear Creek. It lived up to its name and Chris decided to cross in his boots, since they were soaked anyway and the current was pretty strong. After trying in one spot and nearly getting washed away, he found a shallower section, crossed to drop his pack, and then came back for me. This trip is really showing off what a kind, gentlemanly, respectful partner I have as a husband.

Anyway, we're camped along Bear Creek and it's raging as I write. Chris is doing some research and we're realizing we won't be able to laze around VVR because we have more tough stream crossings and a pass in the afternoon tomorrow. No rest for the weary - or the birthday boy. Mammoth will be some incredibly welcome zero time."


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