Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Long Trail 2010!

We were back on the Trail this past week. The Long Trail (fondly known as the LT) in Vermont that is. It runs the length of VT, from Canada to Massachusetts, for about 275 miles. Back in 2008, we tackled the northern 1/3, down to Jonesville. This year, we walked the middle 80 miles, south from Jonesville to Sherburne Pass, near Killington. Please enjoy the pictures of our 6-day hike.



  1. Love the pictures! Glad you enjoyed the hike and happy I could help out.

  2. I haven't said hello in awhile since I'm not on FB anymore, so "hello" to you both. The Long Trail looks like a fun, short hike with lots of little critters. I especially like the photo of the clustered green leaves. Have you guys considered investing in a waterproof camera? We have a Fuji FinePix (F130 model, I think?). It's lightweight. The photo quality isn't superb, but it's lightweight and stands up to water and rain (and it's shock-proof to 10 ft or something I think). Cheers! Jodi & John