Monday, June 25, 2012

Long Trail Day One

At the southern trailhead.
We started our hike at the base of Bromley Mountain, after being dropped off at the trailhead at Route 11/30 by Patrick, the chef at the Inn at Long Trail.  After he left, we had a moment of "oh boy, I guess we're doing this" and began walking north.  It was 50 trail miles back to the Inn, where we had left our car for the week.

Parker inspecting the little red eft.
(We took it away from her when she got a bit too curious, no efts were harmed in the making of this picture.)

On our way up Bromley Mountain, a 1400' climb, we stopped to check out an orange newt.  I later learned that it was a red eft, the immature terrestrial phase of the eastern newt, Notophthalmus viridescens.

Walking up a Bromley run.

Day 1's water source: a well and hand pump.

Once at the top of Bromley, we broke for lunch and enjoyed the vistas - it was a beautiful day.  But we were low on water so we continued north, descending to Mad Tom Notch and a hand pump.  We filled our water bottles as Parker giggled watching us work the pump.  She was very intrigued by it.

Helping herself to Mommy's GORP.

Continuing north, the next shelter was 5 miles away so we decided to start looking for a campsite.  A mile and a half in, and almost a 1000' higher, we spotted a perfect spot to set up our tent and spend the night.  Parker was ravenous, eating everything we put in front of her and then some.  Bedtime was shortly after dinner, and Emily and I enjoyed a vista and a little Kentucky bourbon before we turned in as well.

Looking east, on top of Styles Peak.

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