Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Long Trail Day Three: Napping and Nudity

The third day dawned beautiful and warm.  A perfect morning for a run (if you are like Emily then you think I am crazy!) around Little Rock Pond.  It was less than a mile around the pond, and less than ideal terrain (rocky, muddy, rooty) but it was enough to inspire me to go for a morning swim post-run.

Parker gazes out of the tent after waking up.

We got our usual ~9AM start and continued northward.  Overall, it was a pretty mild day with regards to climbs and descents, although the temperatures made it into the 90's, not Emily's favorite weather ;)

Parker napping in the Poco.
We even had time for some fun during breaks.

Me whistling with a blade of grass really cracked her up!

A snake sunning itself on the trail.

P actually hiking part of the Long Trail
And we were caught a little bit off guard when we met 10 naked men hiking southbound.  Because it's a leap year, summer solstice lands a day early in 2012: June 20, which is the official naked hiking day.

June 20, summer solstice, naked hiking day!

To lighten our load for the hike, we sent ourselves a resupply box to the town of Wallingford.  In it was clean clothes for all, diapers, dehydrated milk, food, etc.  I hitched into town solo while the girls continued north to the next shelter, where I met them a few hours later,

Heading back to the trailhead after our resupply stop in Wallingford.

Campsite at Minerva Hinchey Shelter.

This is what it's like to put a toddler to bed in a tent while the sun is still up.


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