Saturday, July 9, 2016

Long Trail 2016 Day 2

We had a cozy night near Congdon Shelter, though due to there being so many hikers (it was Saturday of 4th of July weekend mind you) we ended up camping somewhat close to the privy. Not ideal, but it sufficed.

It dawned dry and clear Sunday morning... Emily and I settled right back into our morning routine from the PCT - I made the coffee and got breakfast ready while she packed up the sleeping bags/pads and organized the stuff inside the tent.

The itinerary had 7 miles on the docket and we got rolling by 8:00am. Our hope was to put in 4 miles before breaking for lunch, which ended up working out well because that was also a water stop. Unfortunately, our steripen failed to work so we had to use backup tablets to treat the water. After lunch, we kept moving and enjoyed a short sunny break under some power lines, and made it to our destination - Seth Warner shelter - by 3:00pm :-) That gave us plenty of time to pick a good site, get some water, goof off a bit and even build a fire! We met some nice hikers, one of which was a thru-hiker who shared some hot dogs with us.

Parker wanted to cowboy camp and so we let her. Surely she would want to come inside the tent at some point! But nope we were wrong - she slept outside the entire night, even through the barrage of fireworks people were shooting off right over our heads. Brutal but what are you gonna do? Emily and I finally fell asleep after they petered out. It was a good day. 7.2 miles hiked.

Mornin' Sunshine

Breakfast and braids

Girls are ready to go

Sittin on a rock by a stream

Bog bridges (and volunteers working on them)

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Parker LOVES taking breaks

Her new obsession: "Where the Red Fern Grows"

Feeling a little tired

"Daddy can you put this rock in my backpack?" "Uh, how about I take a picture instead?!"

Happy Family!

Goofing off - taking some slo-mo videos

Campsite near Seth Warner shelter

Proud of my fire :-)

Cowboy camper, sleeping out under the stars

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